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Access our online English platform for 6 months, where you can learn English whenever and wherever you want!

From A1 to C1 in a single platform!

You'll start with a Placement Test which will identify your English level, then you will jump into the course that best suits you depending on your result. This is the list of all the content included in the General English Package:

  • A Placement Test
  • Beginner English course (A1)
  • Pre-Intermediate English course (A2)
  • Intermediate English course (B1)
  • Upper-Intermediate English course (B2)
  • Advanced English course (C1)
  • Essential Grammar course
  • Essential Pronunciation course
  • Advanced Pronunciation course

Study English: General Online Course:

Practise your Skills:

Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking

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More about the Online Course

When can I start?

Anytime! Our Online English Platform is waiting for you!

What is the maximum age?

There is none, everybody is welcome!

Can I study anytime?

Once you are granted the access, the Platform will be available 24/7! You can study at your own pace, anytime and from anywhere in the world!

You will make fast progress in

Everyday communication, Fluency, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Reading, Writing

Can I start with no English?

Yes, you will start the course with a Placement Test that will indicate your current level. If you have no prior studies you'll start from scratch. Otherwise, you'll be assigned a module according to your result.

Can I extend?

Yes of course!