Each person, their situation and goals are unique, that's why we provide you with a personalised plan to suit your circumstances. We are qualified and professional Education Agents and we help you find the right study plan and Student Visa application. Our team members are just like you, we have all moved to Australia from overseas and we understand what you are going through and can relate to your story in order to give you the best advice, for you, always.

Why Choose Study Destination?

We care about you

We are human and here to help you

We are a community and just like you

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The easiest way to get your student visa in australia

4 Steps To Get Your Student Visa with Study Destination

1. Career consultation

2. School selection and enrolment process and other paperwork

3. Student Visa application

4. Ongoing support during and after your studies


Does this service have a cost?

How is it possible? Education agents in Australia are funded by education providers. This is why our team is committed to providing the best advice in total transparency. Zero fees and zero headaches for you. We take care of everything for free.

How long does it take to get my student visa?

If you are clear about what you want to study , where and when, we can process the school enrolment in less than a week if required. FAST!
However, the administration of schools can take some time to process admissions. Furthermore, we recommend you take your time to make a decision and talk through all your options with us.  

There's no rush, we are here to help you find the best option according to your needs and expectations.

If you’re offshore (not in Australia) we recommend that you start the process 6 months before your trip. The reason? You will be able to get your visa approved earlier which will allow you to buy your flights with time and get cheaper prices.

How long can you stay in Australia on a student visa?

The length of stay is based on the course you intend to study, a 6 month course gives you 7 months of visa and a 12 month course and 24 month course + will give you additional 2 months on the visa and the only initial price difference is the cost of insurance you pay in full when your visa is lodged.
Please note: That if your course is 10 months or longer, finishing in November or December then immigration will usually grant you a visa until March 15th the following year.

How much does a student visa cost in Australia?

​The Student Visa (Subclass 500) will cost $710 this includes the online payment surcharge as is paid to immigration when we lodge your visa application. 

Onshore: if you applied for your current visa (that you’re on now) from inside Australia then Immigration add on an extra charge of $700. Therefore, with the online payment surcharge you will pay $1410 to lodge the visa application.

Offshore: You do not have the extra charge and it will be $710

Can I work while studying in Australia?

Yes, once your course has started you are allowed to work part-time which is equivalent to 40 hours a fortnight. Exceptions for term breaks and school holidays students are allowed to work unlimited hours.  

Please note: There has been a temporary relaxation of working hours for international students which means that all international students can work full time before their course starts and during the term.

How much is a course?

Most vocational schools are between $4500 and $7000 per year, courses are general such as Diploma's, Advanced Diplomas and Certificates in Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management, Marketing, project management or even travel and tourism. Bachelor degrees, and post graduate courses at University are usually from $28,500 per year.

What is the first payment I need to make?

To enrol and confirm your place on a course you must pay a deposit to school. This is set by the school and can vary from $250 - $2000+ A deposit is usually made up of your first instalment and any material and enrolment fees the school might have. Then, the remaining instalments of the tuition fee will be around every 10 weeks (per term) and spread across the duration of your course.

What language do you speak?

Our consultants are native English, French and Spanish speakers.

Can I have a free consultation?

Yes, our consultations are always free, and you can speak to one of our consultations either over the phone or face to face in our Melbourne or Brisbane office.

How will I know what is going on with my application?

We communicate everything by writing via formal email correspondence. You are fully transparent with everything regarding your school enrolment and visa application.

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