Meet the Team



Julie arrived in Australia (from France) in 2010 at the age of 20. After travelling around the country on her Working Holiday visa, she wanted to continue her studies in an English-speaking country to open her professional horizons. After investigating the high quality education offered in Australia, she decided to study here on a student visa. At that time there was not much information available to help her. It was then that the idea of opening her own agency came up. After a few years working in the education sector as a marketing manager for different schools, she opened Study Destination with the aim of helping French backpackers to stay and study in Australia. After 6 years the agency has grown to other nationalities and we are now helping more than 500 students per year to study and live in Australia.

Student Visa & Education Specialist - Melbourne


Lucas comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His passion has always been to help people achieve their goals. As a Bachelor in Psychology, he has been a Wellness Coach for the past 10 years, helping people feel and look better both physically and mentally. A year ago, Lucas came to Australia with the intention of improving his English. Since then, he has learned, grown and discovered incredible possibilities. This journey has increased his desire to help others achieve what he has. When you contact Lucas, you will meet a person who truly cares about the well-being and progress of his customers. Lucas will not only be an advisor, but also your companion on your journey.

Student Visa & Education Specialist - Brisbane


With over a decade of experience in private equity funds in Paris, I hold a master's degree in private law and an MBA in marketing management. My dedication to customer satisfaction drives me to enhance the overall customer experience.

Living in Australia with my wife and two children, I cherish family time. My son and I enjoy crabbing, and we regularly gather for family dinners. Weekends are reserved for camping adventures, adding a touch of outdoor joy to our lives. I look forward to assisting you in navigating your educational journey and ensuring a smooth experience.

Student Visa & Education Specialist


Carla was born in Spain and lived there most of her life, until one day she decided she needed a change: she crossed the Atlantic and today she lives in Argentina.
She graduated as a Real Estate Auctioneer and Broker, as well as dedicating herself to the world of graphic design... a bit of a strange fusion.
Today she is happy to be part of what will be one of the best experiences of your life. Your journey around the world begins today, a bit scary isn't it? 😱
Well yeah, but we all know that the best stories are never easy decisions to make, and this time is no different. 🥺
So all that's left is to say is... Let's close our eyes and trust the experts 🤭

Student visa & education specialist- Gold Coast


Luciano loves movement in all its forms. From training and surfing to participating in outdoor sports and activities. His love towards learning and new challenges is what has brought him to Study Destination. With each student, he faces that unique opportunity to explore different educational options and ensure that each person finds their ideal path.

As an educational agent, his goal is to ensure that you find an educational experience that truly inspires and enhances you.
He is here to answer your questions, provide support and be your guide through the exciting adventure of studying in Australia.



Meet Marie, our Student Visa & Education Specialist based in Melbourne. With an impressive 8-year journey in Australia, including 4 years in Perth and 4 in Melbourne, she has explored various cities and experiences. Marie's educational path started with studying furniture design in France. Then with her Student Visa in Australia, she progressed from a certificate in design to a diploma in interior design, and now is currently pursuing a master's in architecture. Having navigated through different levels of study, Marie brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge to assist students in their educational journey. In her free time, she indulges in her passions for painting, aerial dancing, and yoga, adding a vibrant touch to her multifaceted journey.



Meet Ellie, our 24-year-old enthusiast from Sweden who couldn't bear the -20 degrees anymore. She made the move to Australia 5 years ago and has been exploring the entire country ever since. Ellie has a deep passion for travel, with her next adventure set for South America. Alongside her love for exploring new places, she's drawn to yoga and psychology, aspiring to study them in the future after her global travels. Ellie thoroughly enjoys engaging in deep conversations about anything, relishing the opportunity to get to know people on a profound level. 🌏✨

She will be happy to assist you on your educational journey!



Gabriela is from Bariloche, a city in the south of Argentina, in the wonderful Patagonia. She graduated in Business Administration, and started her career working for an accounting firm in her hometown.

In 2017 she moved to Melbourne, Australia on a Student Visa and worked for a while in the hospitality industry. Now, as part of the Study Destination team, she is very excited to help Spanish speaking students in their process of coming to Australia to pursue their goals.



I came to Australia 12 years ago with my family on a student visa. Back then, navigating courses, health insurance and visas was stressful. But I have built a life in Australia, from obtaining different visas to finally becoming a citizen. Now, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, I am here to help you on your journey to Australia.
Personally, I have a postgraduate degree in Education, an Advanced Diploma in Management, and am currently studying for a Diploma in Marketing and Communications.

It is a real pleasure to serve our students and provide them with the best possible service. Let's make your trip memorable!



As a passionate traveler, I find joy in exploring new places and creating enriching experiences. For several years, I've been dedicated to helping individuals embark on unforgettable journeys through the education sector.

To those hesitating, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Travel, discover places that leave a lasting imprint on your mind, embrace the everyday life of different cultures, and connect with people. It's an adventure worth living. If fear holds you back, do it anyway with a touch of fear and a dash of courage! 😎 Let me guide you through your educational endeavors and make the most out of your journey.



Denise, born in Argentina, is enthusiastic about guiding people to achieve their goals, giving them strong and determined guidance. Over the course of several years, she has guided students on their path to training in various destinations.
Each student has enriched Denise's experience, teaching her that each process is unique and represents not only a goal to achieve, but also a dream to realise. As a lover of travel, she understands the importance of immersing herself in different cultures and broadening horizons, bringing home new experiences and a transformative vision of the world.
Denise will help you realise your dream, the beginning of an adventure that will leave an unforgettable mark on your life forever.

Financial Department


Sebastian is our Accountant and Finance responsible. After getting his degree in Argentina he moved to Brazil where he lived for 5 years working at a U.S. pharmaceutical company. In 2018, he decided to backpack with his wife around the world. After two incredible years of adventures, he arrived to Australia where he is studying a Master in Business Administration and Project Management. With vast experience in the education market, he joined Study Destination’s team looking forward to grow professionally, while helping students achieve their dreams in Australia

Visa Department


Juliana, originally from Colombia, is an Economist graduated from Los Libertadores University in Bogota. She loves travelling and reading, particularly poetry. For about 7 years she has been working in the international education industry, specially for Australia. She is passionate about her profession and because of it she has had the opportunity to learn about many life stories. With her experience, she understands that every case is unique, and that it is not just a matter of studying abroad, but a life project, a goal, a dream that people strive for.



From Down Under yet across the globe: Argentina!

Graduated with honours in Business Administration, Manuela spent her early years in major international companies such as L'Oreal and AbInBev, where she worked in Trade Marketing, Sales and E-Commerce. 

In 2019 she moved to Australia. Now, together with Study Destination, she is excited to help others pursue The Australian Experience, whilst increasing both their knowledge and skills.



Introducing Maëlle, our energetic 19-year-old marketing intern hailing from Biarritz, France. Maëlle seamlessly blends academic dedication with real-world experiences and a passion for competitive dance, injecting fresh ideas and a creative flair into the dynamic field of marketing. Her enthusiasm for connecting with diverse cultures positions her as a natural fit for this ever-evolving landscape, ready to leave her mark with an innovative approach.



Hello! I'm Amaia, 19, from sunny Hendaye in the south of France. I'm a passionate traveler with a love for exploring new cultures. Currently studying business, I blend my studies with my wanderlust for the world.

I find joy in the beauty of sunsets and am a big fan of our furry friends - I love spending time with nature's creatures. Excited to bring my enthusiasm to the Accounts team at Study Destination!