Extend your Visa and stay longer in Australia

Do you want to extend your stay from a working holiday visa to a student visa or renew your current student visa? No worries - we are here to help!

Did you know that if you hold a valid visa, for example a working holiday visa, or covid visa, or tourist visa, etc, You may apply for a student visa while you are  in Australia

As long as you do not have a “NO FURTHER STAY” condition on your current visa, we can help you! 

Contact us to have a chat about your options!

This is how we help you:

A FREE consultation to discuss and set up a plan

Organize your documents and start the school enrolment process

Apply for your student visa

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Can I renew my student visa in Australia?

Yes, you can renew your student visa while you are in Australia

How much does it cost to renew a student visa in Australia?

To renew your student visa you will be charged $650. You might be charged an additional $700 subsequent temporary application charge (STAC) when the applicant had applied for one or more substantive directly from Australia.

When should I renew my Australian student visa?

Reach out a month before your visa expires. Like this, we've got enough time to organize your future plans!

What happens if my student visa expires in Australia?

If you have made a valid application for a Student Visa within 28 days when your last Student Visa has expired, the Department of Immigration will usually grant you a Bridging Visa C. The visa conditions usually include neither work or travel rights.

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