The Trend

 Brisbane is the 3rd largest city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne! With a flourishing economy and a rather nice geographical location (close to the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast surfing paradise) you will find sunshine, a lively life and a relaxed atmosphere! The no-stress locals are great to live with. It's a good compromise between Sydney and Melbourne! A mix between the Big city and a city on a human scale where gardens by the river, art, design and music are also part of the landscape... just like the famous artificial swimming pools! You'll understand, although the beach is not as close as in other cities, Brisbane is a great place to live!

Atmosphere & Dynamics


Subtropical climate with sunbathing guaranteed!

Winters approx. 15 °C - Summers approx. 30 °C


Queensland (QLD)

Ideal time for your arrival

April May June / September - October - November (just before the summer season).

Things to do in Brisbane


Newstead House

Gallery of modern Art

Southbank Parklands

Brisbane River and the Story Bridge

Brisbane City Botanic Garden

The Institute of modern art


The lively Paddington area

Mount Coot-Tha

Lone Pine Sanctuary

Brisbane City Hall

Moreton Island

Queensland Cultural Centre

Fraser Island & the Whitsundays (some of the country's most magical sandy beaches nearby!)

Some of Queensland's highlights are easily accessible from Brisbane, including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay Islands and inland to the Australian Cordillera and Darling Downs.

Events Not To Be Missed

The Cricket Ground, commonly known as the 'Gabba'

Great Rugby matches

Brisbane Festival

Woodford Folk Festival

CMC Rocks

Cost of Living

The third largest city after Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane is growing in popularity year on year and is attracting more and more backpackers thanks to its cool atmosphere, sunshine and proximity to the Gold Coast. On the other hand, it is also often cited as a "gateway" or transitional city where people stay until the summer before heading south.


In a hostel: counts between $13 and $30 per night

For a shared apartment, count between $160 (shared room) and $200 (single room) per week.

For your own studio it will be around $300 to $400.


In Brisbane the company you will have to use for your transport is called TransLink. Whether it's for buses, trains or ferries, you'll need your "GO CARD" which you can buy and recharge at the station, on the internet or once again in the local 7Eleven and newsagents.

Here the rates apply according to the zone! You can buy a single ticket in zone 1 (valid for 2 hours) for about $4.80 but as mentioned before, the cards will offer you much better rates!

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

Cinema: about $8.50

Restaurant: between $15 and $25

Drinks: $6 a pint.

Labour Market

Brisbane has been growing rapidly for a few years now! However, finding a job in Brisbane will not be easy. Like its two predecessors, its growing popularity is attracting more and more people and the competition is increasing year after year! So you'll need to be able to stand out from the crowd! Your English and your experience can make the difference. However, be careful about the summer period in Brisbane! Unlike in the south of the country, where the tourist season is in full swing, during this period Australians go on holiday to the seaside resorts and the city tends to be a little less active.

Your pluses: Your level of English and your motivation.

Areas of recruitment: Hospitality, fruit picking (strawberries), construction, heavy industry, bio-technology & logistics.

Why we love it:

His growing momentum and cool attitude

Its greenery

The proximity of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Its taste for art and design

Its many musical scenes

Why we like it a little less:

The beach that's not next door

Increasing competition making it more difficult to find jobs

A little less dynamic than Melbourne and Sydney in terms of outings and events

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