Looking for the best Visa to come to Australia?

There are different types of Visas to come to Australia, how to choose the best visa regarding your situation? What are the differences? We are here to help you.

First, it will depend on your nationality, age, and what you are planning to do during your journey in Oz.

Second, you will have to make sure you are applying for the right visa that gives you the right to travel, or work, or study!

Remember a visa is required before leaving your country.

How can we help?

At Study Destination, we are student visa specialists but we also work with different migration agents and lawyers to make sure we will always give you the best advise! If after reading this page you are still lost and unsure about your visa situation, please reach out!

Tourist Visa

This visa allows you to travel but not work in Australia. It is perfect if you are looking to spend some holidays Downunder! You’ve got two types of Tourist Visas:


-eVisitor (Subclass 651): Ideal for less than a 3-month trip, with this visa you can visit family or friends, cruise or have a holiday, study or train for up to 3 months, in some circumstances. You will receive your eVisitor visa in between 1 to 3 days.

-Visitor Visa (Subclass 600): This is a paid visa (approx. $150 AUD). It allows you to stay longer than three months, however, this visa doesn’t allow you to work. The application can be made either in Australia or in your country of origin.

-Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (Subclass 601)

Visit Australia as often as you wish in a 12-month period. Stay up to 3 months each time you enter Australia.

Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa and the Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa

These are the most popular visa for young people looking to work and travel in Australia for a year. With this visa, you can study for up to 4 months, travel to and from Australia as many times as you want, and do 3 months of specified work to become eligible for a second Working Holiday visa.
Learn more about the Working Holiday Visa

Student visa

If you're looking to work and live in Australia whilst learning new skills for a job or career then a Student Visa is your best starting point. You can apply for a student visa by studying anywhere in Australia:
-English courses (General English, IELTS preparation, Cambridge…) 
-Professional courses also called Vocational courses (Business, Marketing but also cookery, carpentry, social media management, Fitness instructor, Nurse…) 
-University courses (Bachelor's, Master's degrees, Ph.D.…)

You would like to learn more about the student visa and get some advice and expertise?

Skills visa

This visa gives you the opportunity to come or stay in Australia linked with an Australian employment contract if you are position is eligible for one of The skilled occupation lists (SOL) which summarizes the occupations Australia needs to fill skill shortages. It is divided into two lists:

-Short-term List
If your profession is on this list, you can get a two-year sponsor, with the possibility to renew for another two years. Note that this does not lead directly to a permanent stay. Check if you are eligible for a Skill Visa!

-Long-term List
The professions included in this list are the most sought after in Australia and allow you to obtain a Sponsorship Visa of up to four years. You can renew this several times, and it in certain cases it could lead you to permanent residence in Australia.

Check if you are eligible for a Skill Visa!

These lists are subject to changes, don’t forget to always check the government website.

We highly recommend you to book a consultation with a registered migration agent regarding this type of visa.

Temporary Graduate Visa Australia (Visa Subclass 485)

The Post Study Work Visa (subclass 485) is normally a two year visa which has unrestricted work rights. It is available to applicants who have completed two years of full time study in Australia for the award of certain qualifications (normally a Bachelor degree or higher, but in some cases applicants who have completed a trade qualification may be eligible also.

The Post Study Work Visa is often used to help meet the requirements for a permanent visa.