Study English in Australia


If you’re struggling reading this page, you may need to start your journey in Australia with an
English course also called ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for International Students).

Learning or improving the practice of the English language is one of the first reasons why people
decide to come to Australia, with a Working Holiday Visa or with a Student Visa.

What are the classes like?

Studying English in Australia is a great way to feel more confident and meet people from different
backgrounds. The teaching method is not just sitting in a classroom and learning with books it's
interactive with group activities, project work etc.

If your goal is just to improve your communication
skills for personal or professional reasons, prepare for an academic test like IELTS or for entering University (EAP), ELICOS programs will help you.

Many international students will choose to start
with some English courses. It's also a good transition from Working Holiday Visa to Student Visa.

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What are the benefits of studying English/Elicos courses in Australia?

- Meet new people 🧑‍🤝‍🧑: ideal when you first arrive in Australia. It’s a great way to meet people
from different nationalities and start socialising.

- Better chances to get a job💻: if your English is not great it might be an issue to find a job in
Australia but also if back home you want to apply for international companies.

- Boost your confidence💪: sometimes it’s all about confidence, being surrounded by people with the same level of English as you will help you improve faster. 

Why studying English in Australia?

- You can start English / Elicos courses in Australia anytime of the year, every Monday.

- No assessment/work to do at home, it’s attendance based only.

- You can choose between different timetables: mornings, afternoons, evenings or condensed 2,5 days / week in some cases.

- You can study as many weeks as you need from one to 100. 

- There is no requirement to study English in Australia

English Study in Australia

How much does it cost to study English in Australia? 💰

In Australia, English language programs are typically priced per week, with fees spanning from 170 to 400 AUD per week. The overall quality of these courses varies based on factors such as school amenities, student support services, available resources, and more.

Can I study English with a Working Holiday Visa? 📜

You can enrol in an English language course or any other type of course with a Working Holiday Visa, as long as it doesn't exceed the four-month limit.

What visa do I need to study English in Australia? 🐨

Depending on how long you would like to study for, you can study English on pretty much all type of visas such as Working Holiday Visa, Visitor Visa, Student visa, dependant on a visa.. etc 

You just need to look at the conditions written on your current visa! If you are unsure, contact Study Destination.

Is there an age limit to study English in Australia? 🦘

No, it is never too early or too late to learn a new language. 

Can I work If I am studying English on a student visa? 💼

Yes, the Australian government allows the same work rights for most International students. You have to attend a minimum of 20 hours per week in class and can work 20 hours per week and unlimited hours when you are on school break.

Can I choose my timetable? 📆

If you are on a student visa, it is compulsory to choose a timetable with a minimum of 20 hours per week. Most English schools offer morning and evening timetables and also condensed with only 2,5 days per week. The prices may be different from one timetable to another.

How will my school know my level of English?

No worries! Before or on your first day, your school will ask you to sit for a test in order to highlight your strengths and weaknesses to sort you out in a class with people with the similar level as yours.

How do I know which test preparation is the best for me between Cambridge, IELTS and PTE?

This is where Study Destination can guide you! Depending on your current level of English , your reasons to prepare yourself for an English test and your final goals, our team will be able to advise you on what preparation will be the most fitted to your plans.