Working Holiday Visa: How to Apply

What's a Working Holiday Visa?

This allows young adults to have a 12-month holiday, during which they can undertake short-term work and study.

The WHM program now includes over 40 partner countries or jurisdictions in two visa subclasses, the Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa and the Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa.

The age ranges vary depending on the nationality of the applicant. (18 to 30 years old or 35 years old for some countries – where stated)

From 5 March 2022, eligible current and former WHMs in Australia can apply for a WHM visa with nil VAC.

For 2022-23 only, there will be a 30 per cent cap increase to the number of places available to working holiday makers from countries with which Australia has a capped Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa arrangement. This one-off cap increase will commence from 1 July 2022.

Source: Department of Home Affairs

4 Steps to Apply for a WHV

Check your eligibility and apply for your visa from outside of Australia if this is your First WHV through your ImmiAccount.

Attach required documents, including your passport and proof of funds. A screenshot or bank statement of at least $5000AUD will be required.

Pay the application fee of $510AUD after you have completed all the questions truthfully and attached your documents.

Note the transaction reference number and keep an eye on your emails as you will receive direct communication from Immigration regarding your visa application and grant notice.

Good to know: you can Study on a Working Holiday Visa too!

Remember, that you can study for up to 17 weeks on a WHV so if you want to learn English or start a course you definitely can, get in touch if you would like information about this!

What is the difference between a 417 and 462 visa

Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

Canada: 18 to 35 years - Denmark: 18 to 35 years - France: 18 to 35 years - Ireland: 18 to 35 years- Italy: 18 to 35 years - Belgium - Estonia - Finland - Republic of Cyprus - Germany - Hong Kong - Japan - Republic of - Korea - Malta - Netherlands - Norway - Sweden - Taiwan - The United Kingdom & Northern Ireland*

Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462

Argentina - Austria - Brazil - Chile - China, People's Republic of - Czech Republic - Ecuador - Greece - Hungary - India - Indonesia - Israel - Luxembourg - Malaysia - Mongolia - Peru -Poland - Portugal - San Marino -Singapore - Slovak Republic - Slovenia - Spain - Switzerland - Thailand - Turkey - Uruguay - United States of America - Vietnam

Not eligible for the Working Holiday Maker Program?

If you’re not eligible for the WHM program but you would like to work or stay longer than 3 months then a Student visa could be a good option.

- There are some countries that are not eligible for the WHM program which means you can come to Australia on a student visa if you wish to work and remain in the country longer than a visitor visa could award you.

- If you have already used your WHV’s and are back home looking to return to Australia to study, work and live then a student visa is perfect for you.

Want to renew your Working Holiday Visa?

Learn everything you need to extend your Working Holiday Visa up to three years.


Am I eligible for a working holiday visa in Australia?

The Working Holiday Visa in Australia is unfortunately, not open to all nationalities. There are currently only 19 countries eligible for this visa. See below for a list of countries that have a reciprocal working-holiday arrangement in Australia:
Hong Kong
South Korea
The Netherlands
United Kingdom

So, what to do if your country isn’t on the approved list to apply?

It doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to come to Australia, with alternative options to working in Australia with a Work and
Holiday Visa (subclass 462), and the Student Visa (subclass 500). Get in touch with us and let us assist you with alternative options for your work-study visa.

How long does it take?

You will receive the answer between two and four weeks to be issued. Once your application has been approved, you have 12 months to travel to Australia. The visa is activated on the day you arrive in Australia.

Can I work with a WHV?

This visa allows its holders to live and work anywhere in the country for a full year, but you’ll need to note that prior to applying for any jobs in the country, this visa has a restriction on the duration you work. You cannot be employed by the same employer or business for any longer than six (6) months. While it can sound frustrating for both the employer and you, as an employee, keep in mind that there is also an option for a Student Visa, where you can undertake up to 40 hours of work per fortnight with an unrestricted duration.

Can I study in Australia with a WHV?

As a WHV holder in Australia, you’ll be permitted to undertake additional study and/or training for up to four months per visa that you hold. Study Destination can assist you with finding the right course – whether to specialise in your area of work, or in English, across studies or vocational training courses.