The Underdog

Perth is a bit of an outsider in the country! At first sight, it's not the first city you think of when you hear AUSTRALIA ! You might not even know where it is until you see the map... and NOW!

Less known than Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, Perth is probably one of the most authentic cities you can find for your Australian trip (with Alice Springs)! First of all, it has the particularity to be the most isolated city in the world! It's almost as far from Jakarta (Indonesia) as from Adelaide (South-East Australia) and nature surrounds it: it's total immersion.

If you wish to leave, it is therefore advisable to take the plane or to prepare your trip well with a car that can handle the road and above all a good forecast! As you will have understood, urban life and wild life coexist in harmony in Perth which also benefits from the strongest economic development after Sydney! A godsend for those who want to find a job more easily with a good salary as a bonus. At the gateway to the west coast, it will also allow you to easily go on an adventure in the Australian bush or on Rottnest Island... the island of the Qokka and for this reason alone we are in favour of PERTH! Finally, in terms of entertainment and atmosphere, the city is not to be outdone, even if it is true that you will find more peace and quiet than in other big cities!

Atmosphere & Dynamics


With its Mediterranean climate, PERTH is THE sunniest city in Australia! It's enough to make its distant eastern cousins pale in comparison!

Winters around 10 °C / high 25 °C


Western Australia (WA)

Ideal time for your arrival

October-November (just before the summer season).

Things to do in Perth

Rottnest Island (Qokka Island)

Kings Park & Botanic Garden

Forrest Place

Swan Valley Vineyards

Fremantle markets

London court

Cottesloe Beach

Northbridge's Backstreet Bars

Penguin Island

Yanchep National Park

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Heirisson Island

Desert pinnacles

Wave rock

Events Not To Be Missed

Supafest Festival

Perth International Arts Festival

Fringe World Festival

Pride Parade

Kings Park Festival

Cost of Living

Not as big as the three previous Australian cities, it is not the most deprived! In fact, in addition to being the most isolated city in the world, it is also one of the richest. The reason: a big mining boom in the 90's boosted the economy and significantly improved the living standards and wages of the inhabitants. A good opportunity for those who want to save and make some extra money!


In a hostel: from $16 to $25 a night depending on the location, the season and the size of the dormitory.

For a shared room: between $120/week (for a shared room) and $200/week for a single room.

For your own studio: about $250 to $300/week.


Although Perth is not the most accessible city in the country, internally its transport network is quite well developed! Dozens of trains, buses and ferries serve the city and the surrounding suburbs, accompanied by taxis that are easy to find. You'll even have free lines

For party-goers, buses run from the centre to the main districts and surrounding towns until 2am. In this city, Transperth provides this service and Transwa for the more remote areas.

Fares are valid for up to three hours and are determined by the number of 'zones'. One ticket will allow you to use: trains, buses and ferries for about $4.20.

You can also opt for the SmartRider or DayRiderpass.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

Cinema: $9 minimum

Restaurant: $20-25

Drinks: $9 per pint.

Labour Market

Because its economy is favourable to employment (second only to Sydney in economic development) and because the competition is less fierce due to its remoteness, it is the ideal place to find a job, or at least more easily than in the big cities. Salaries are also higher and rents are cheaper. Perfect to save money before a road trip while enjoying a cool atmosphere.

Your pluses: Have skills in construction or in the food industry.

Areas of recruitment: Construction, catering & mining.

Why we love it:

The nature that surrounds it and allows you to recharge your batteries

Its exceptional geographical location

Its relaxed lifestyle and economic situation

Higher wages than in other cities and cheaper rents

Its proximity to the Bush which makes it more wild

Its year-round sunshine

Why we like it a little less:

Its isolation as advantageous as it is problematic

The cost of living which is starting to rise more and more

Activities are still more limited than in the big cities

The winter when it's a bit too quiet

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