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Study Destination is an education agency based in Melbourne. It is a leader in its field. Our goal is to provide quality service for anyone wanting to study and live in Australia. We are here to guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Our experience has allowed us to develop many connections and acquire the knowledge necessary for you to succeed in Australia. We ourselves have been new to Australia. That’s why we know that every student is different, that every person needs a unique and personalized approach to a memorable experience in Australia.

Our philosophy is to make sure every student is in the best possible situation. It is for this reason that we conduct research on educational programs most in line with your project. We take into account several criteria such as your financial situation, your career goal, your favorite city, etc.

Find the appropriate field of study, choose the ideal institution, apply for a visa, find accommodation, help you in your job search, Study Destination will be there to assist you in your efforts. We guarantee you a simple transition to Australian life.

The students who benefited from our services are now members of our community. We are here, by your side, to support you throughout your experience as a student in Australia. Choose Study Destination to fulfill your dream, become part of our community, and get your successful story.


Julie Bierry, Director

Hello everyone! I am Julie, the mother of SD. Arrived in February 2012 to do a road trip and learn English on a WHV, I finally decided to study in Business Management for 2 years. During my studies, I managed to work in Marketing and Sales, before starting my first Business.

Study Destination is now my 2nd Business, and I use my experience to be able to advise and coach our students. I am also a mother of 2 children and live permanently in Australia.

Martina, Consultant Manager

Elise, Consultant

Elise is 32, from England, with a “lovely” mix of a half brummie / half scouse accent, has been in Australia for almost 4 years. From Cabin Crew to Personal Trainer to Student Consultant, Elise’s passion and motivation is to help people and fulfil their needs whilst making them smile with her laid back nature.

You’re most likely to find Elise drinking red wine around St Kilda or throwing back Jagerbombs in Base!

Camilo, Accounts Officer

Hello guys,

My name is Camilo, I am an environmental engineer and I am from Colombia. I always have been very good with numbers and as I have a bit of experience as a bookkeeper so I had the opportunity to work for SD as accountant.

It is one of the reason why I chose to come to Australia, as it is a land of opportunities and I can say that it worked out for me. 😉 My extra curricular activities include doing exercise and listening to music.

Olivier, Marketing Manager

Hi Everyone! I’m Olivier, 26yo, from France and arrived in Melbourne end of 2018 with a Working Holiday Visa. I joined the Study Destination team to organise events and develop our digital activity but I also help people already in Australia (or not yet) to start or extend their  adventure!

I’m passionate about sport activities (including festivals), food and music! Hope to see you soon at one of our events 🙂

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