What city is made for you?

Do you want to move to Australia but you are not sure which city to make your home?
Here you will find some tips about the 7 major cities in Australia.


Sydney is the most populated city in Australia, it is the capital of New South Wales. With more than 5 million people, the city is bustling.

There is always something to do, from exploring the CBD to surfing at the beach. Sydney is full of international students and young professionals therefore, a big multicultural location, where you will experience people from all ways of life.

Live well, live fast. This exciting city is vibrant and full of work opportunities. It’s also a very pleasant place to live with a good climate all year,


Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia with a population of almost 5 million. A major urban center with no less than 790,000 international students in 2017.

The city was voted the most liveable city in the world several times. It has a more laid back lifestyle that foreigners usually enjoy a lot. It is commonly known as “The European City of Australia”, a vibrant mix of cultures of all kinds.

Come to Melbourne if you love to be outside, find hidden bars and watch sports. Culture, sport, food: outdoor events are held every day, every night and famous excursion spots are close by. You'll enjoy Melbourne life fully if you’re not afraid of mad weather!


Brisbane is the third most populated city in Australia with more than 2 million of people. The capital of Queensland is a dynamic city with a good arts scene and hidden places.

It is very close to the most beautiful shores of the East coast and many islands. You can spend your weekend at Moreton Island, a large sand island. You will also enjoy a pleasant climate all year round.

Being a major economic center in the country, it serves as a base for many international companies. You will find, many work opportunities for students!

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a beach town that is focused mainly on sports and recreation at sea. Only 9000 people live there which is not much compared to the other cities.

The waves are perfect for surfing while the surrounding area is perfect for diving and snorkelling. But that’s not all. The town is also a major centre for meditation. Its hippie culture, natural parks and restaurants will not leave you indifferent.

With a good climate, Byron Bay is very relaxed to live there all year. Don’t forget to visit the Byron Light lighthouse, all the natural reserves not far and to attend the weekend markets that will fulfill your expectations!

Gold Coast

With a population close to 600,000, Gold Coast is bordered by golden sand beaches for more than 50 km.

You will spend your weekend at the beach or on a trip to the primary and untouched forests of the area and your evenings in the many bars and clubs.

The city has also an important business district that continues to grow and has an international reputation. The warm and sunny weather invite tourists from all over the world to swim and surf in “paradise”!


Capital of Western Australia in the Indian ocean breeze, Perth if the most isolated city of its size on the planet.

The city, under a near-permanent canopy of blue sky (Australia’s sunniest capital city), attracts travellers who wants to escape the congestion pollution and population afflicting its east coast sisters.

Perth has everything: superb beaches, global eats and booming small-bar and street-art scenes, and Perth seems downright progressive.

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