We all know that Australia is a country full of charms, but one of its main appeals is Australia's beaches. With their amazing waves for surf lovers, unforgettable coastal walks, white sands and crystal clear water, we take you through the best and most famous beaches in Australia. Grab a pen and paper and start taking note of the next must-see destinations in Australia for your visit.

How many beaches are there in Australia?

That's a really good one! In its vast territory, Australia has more than 10,000 sandy beaches. Some people even say it's close to 12,000. Big number, right? So if you want to relocate to a place near the beach, you will surely have many options. However, in this post we will tell you which are the best ones so that you don't miss out on the opportunity to visit them.

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Australia

Check out our list of the top ten places to visit on the coast:

1. Whitehaven Beach in Queensland

Whitehaven beach australia

Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands, next to the Great Barrier Reef, is not only one of Australia's best beaches, but often ranks among the best white sand beaches in the world.

The seven kilometres of powder-white sand are in fact silica, a silky-smooth material that makes a stunning counterpoint to the turquoise tropical sea and green mountainsides. Something cool to highlight about Whitehaven Beach is that it is located within the Whitsunday Island National Park, guaranteeing it remains untouched and protected despite the countless visitors who come ashore.

2. Turquoise Bay, one of the best beaches in Western Australia

Turquoise Bay, one of Western Australia's most stunning beaches, lives up to its name. Brilliant blue-green waters wash the sandy shores of this stunning bay, located about 60 kilometres south of Exmouth in the Cape Range National Park.

One of the most popular activities is snorkelling. You can swim out to the reef at the southern end of the beach and drift north to a shallow sandbank. Turquoise Bay is one of the few inland beaches where you can dive the colourful coral reefs right from the shore. Ningaloo Reef, a World Heritage Site and Australia's largest reef, is just a few steps from the sand, with more than 250 species of coral and 500 different species of fish. It's vivid turquoise water and soft white sand make it a beautiful place to sunbathe on the beach and take in the views.

3. Another Western Australian beauty, Cable Beach

Cable Beach gained fame for its pristine stretch of coastline and inspiring sunsets. Contrary to other beaches on this guide, Cable Beach lies on the Indian Ocean, and the sunsets in orange tones are often featured by photographers.

If you're looking for a spectacular ocean sunset, Cable Beach won't disappoint. With colours ranging from purple and gold to fiery red, you'll see a sunset you'll never forget.

This white sandy beach near Broome offers a multitude of activities. If you're feeling active, try swimming, fishing, kayaking, surfing, strolling along the flat sand or just relaxing and soaking up the sun. If you're looking for something slightly unusual, Cable Beach is world famous for its iconic camel rides!

4. Cossies Beach, Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Cossies Beach Coco Islands

The Cocos Islands (Keeling Islands) are a unique group of 27 tiny islands, located almost 1000 km from the coast of Western Australia in the Indian Ocean. They are composed of two coral reefs and are known for their white sandy beaches, palm trees and lagoons. 

Among all the beaches of the Cocos Keeling Islands, "Cossies" beach is claimed to be the most enchanting of all. This 300-metre-long beach is located on the tiny banana-shaped Direction Island and overlooks the calm, crystal-clear waters of the lagoon that forms the centre of the archipelago. It has all the features of tropical paradise: coconut palms, white sand, sparkling shallow waters full of marine life and year-round summer.

5. Noosa Main Beach in Queensland

Definitely one of Australia's most beautiful beaches, Noosa Beach will guarantee fun for the whole family. It is known for being an area where you can spot a lot of local wildlife. On Noosa's coastal walk you will see dolphins, whales (if you go during the migration season), exotic birds, sea turtles sweeping the waves and even koalas! Don't forget to visit the eight pools, a natural pool between the rocks that is great for photos!

6. Wineglass Bay in Tasmania

Wineglass bay australia
Wineglass Bay is part of the Freycinet Peninsula, a wild and unspoilt coastal area on Tasmania's east coast. Part of Freycinet National Park, it is nestled in the iconic Hazards Mountains and fringed by pink granite peaks, surely one of Tasmania's most beautiful sights. It's about 2.5 hours drive north of Hobart and south of Launceston. Wineglass Bay is a picturesque white sand beach and turquoise bay. To make the most of your visit, take the trail to the rocky lookout for iconic views.

7. Hyams Beach in New South Wales

Known for its white sand, Hyams Beach is a paradise holiday destination with crystal clear waters and a large national park to visit. With its scenic coastal walks, you'll be able to spot native wildlife and explore the shimmering ocean. Swimming, snorkeling, stand up paddleboarding, and fishing are popular things to do here. Just a few hours from Sydney, this small town in the Shoalhaven region on the south coast of New South Wales is the perfect getaway. 

8. Vivonne Bay in South Australia

Vivonne Bay Australia

Vivonne Bay's six kilometres of rounded coastline are a picturesque place to enjoy the best of the island life. The white sandy beaches meet the gently crashing waves here, perfect for swimming waist-deep in the water. A pier borders the southern end and remote dunes stretch north, making it just perfect for a weekend getaway without another soul. Half an hour from Vivonne Bay is Flinders Chase National Park, home to Kangaroo Island's attractions: Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks.  

9. Byron Bay in New South Wales

Byron Bay not only has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, but its laid-back, hippie vibe makes it the perfect holiday town. No matter which way the wind blows, you'll always find a spot with good waves in Byron Bay, making it a surfing paradise for many. Byron Bay is Australia's most easterly point, and its walk to the lighthouse is the perfect spot for catching sight of the hundreds of whales migrating from north to south and the most beautiful sunsets. Just 20 minutes away is White's Beach, a heavenly beach with little parking, which means it's never crowded. A destination you definitely can't miss, so get up early and get out there!

10. Bondi Beach just 15 minutes from Sydney

It may not be as iconic and heavenly as the other beaches, but it is a beach you can't miss if you visit Australia! Just a few minutes from Sydney, Bondi is the beach of choice for tourists, athletes and people taking a break from work. It has a very nice coastal walk that is worth it!

Best Beach Near Melbourne

Being one of the most important cities in Austraila, and also one of the most chosen by international students, we couldn't leave out options of beautiful beaches near Melbourne. 

Brighton Beach in Victoria

You've probably seen it in many photos, Brighton Beach with its eighty-two charming multi-coloured bathing huts is a place you can't miss. Ideal for Melbourne swimmers, sunbathers, fishermen and surfers. Plus, the beach is very close to all the restaurants, galleries and cafes that make Brighton one of the most popular high-end suburbs.

Brighton Beach in Melbourne Australia

St Kilda Beach

A popular spot for tourists and locals alike - St Kilda Beach is like Bondi without the masses. The ocean, although almost wave-free, is perfect for all water sports: kite surfers and paddle boarders can be seen everywhere. An extra bonus of lounging on the sands of St Kilda is how close it is to all the trendy cafes and restaurants of Acland Street and of course Luna Park.

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