With new lockdown regulations being announced every day, hundreds of thousands of jobs are being lost around Australia especially for casual workers in hospitality. For now, International Students and Working Holiday Visa holders are not eligible for any help from the Australian Government. However, some industries hiring more workers in big numbers to meet increased demand. Victoria State has also revealed a $500 million package to assist people who have lost their jobs find new short term or casual roles.
  • Industries recruiting:

Food delivery Services: As the bars and restaurants have been forced to close to public, the delivery food services are facing a high demand. Uber, Deliveroo, Doordash are all in need of staff. For those with a bike or a car that could be an option. Domino's Pizza is also hiring 2,000 ‘delivery experts’ to assist with anticipated home delivery demand in the coming months. Supermarkets: Essential services are still running, and the supermarkets still have to feed us, the two biggest companies in Australia: Coles and Woolworths for the past few weeks have experienced a huge demand and need extra staff to face it. Supermarket giant Woolworths Group announced on Friday it will hire up to 20,000 new roles and Coles announced a few days ago it would be offer 5000 new jobs, on top of the 7000 workers it has recruited over the past fortnight. Aldi is advertising hundreds of jobs across its stores nationwide, ranging from in-store retail assistants to roles in its warehouses. Students: due to the high demand, International Students employed by supermarkets are allowed to work extra hours. (More details on this can be found here: Health care: If you are a student in working in Health care industry, Aged care providers can offer more hours to international students on their staff to address workforce shortages as part Commonwealth measures to combat the impact of coronavirus. The measure will allow approximately 20,000 overseas students to work full-time instead of 20 hours per week. (More details on this can be found here: Cleaning: Cleaning is another job that is in hot demand right now, because people are paying more attention at the moment to their hygiene at their office place or at home. Call center, customer support: Services Australia last week said it hire 5,000 extra staff following days of long queues outside Centrelink offices. Telstra is also hiring more than 1000 people for their call centers across the country, so as ANZ. Higher than normal call volumes and reduced staff ability at call centres in India have lead Vodafone to hiring additional staff in Hobart. Mining and farming BHP is hiring 1,500 works on short-term contracts for its coal, copper and iron ore operations in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Some farms are being overwhelmed at the moment by the number of travellers appearing on their front step looking for work. Whilst others are desperately looking for fruit pickers especially in North Queensland.
  • Victoria State package to help workers impacted by COVID-19

As a part of the $1.7 billion Economic Survival Package, the Victorian Government has announced a $500 million package to assist people who have lost their jobs at this difficult time. Under the Working for Victoria Fund, displaced workers will be eligible to apply for different types of work. This presents opportunities for paid work and an opportunity to contribute to Victoria’s ability to manage this event and support the community. To apply for this help please register online https://www.vic.gov.au/workingforvictoria?fbclid=IwAR1iWms9zzb7VRX2WLmzRqJA7WcwcVn7oHn93Cd_1L0t0bADEQp8wEl6zxM

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