Do you want the world to recognise your level of English? Even if your initial project in Working Holiday was to work to make money, what better way than to pass a certification to prove that you can handle the language of Shakespeare better than anyone else, or that you master at least the basics! In order for your level of English to be recognised in the professional or academic world, we advise you to take your TOEIC! You will then leave Australia with a well-filled account and proof of your great English level!

TOEIC: Certify your level of Professional English

The TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication, is a certification offered by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) which values your level of English in the working world. Every year, 5 million people have their English language level certified by this means. This certification, valid for two years, evaluates several skills: written and oral comprehension, as well as written and oral expression. Requested by many universities to validate their degree, the TOEIC is also mandatory in certain industries.

Different Choices, Different Exercises

There are three different tests, so it's up to you to choose the one that best matches the skills you want to develop:

The test takes the form of different exercises: answering questions, writing on given topics, speaking, active listening, etc. in order to assess your level as best as possible on the different skills mentioned earlier.
The results are presented in the form of scores corresponding to a certain language level. It is impossible to "fail" this test, it simply shows your level at the time you took it. This is why preparation is a very important step not to be neglected!

However, some exam preparation courses require a minimum level of English to enter their classes. If your level is not yet sufficient, Study Destination offers you adapted English courses to improve your English for the test.

Is taking the TOEIC in Australia the best idea?

While it is of course possible to take it in France, we strongly recommend that you take your TOEIC in Australia for several reasons:


To practice your English live

Taking the TOEIC certification requires practice in order to become familiar with the form of the exercises proposed, but also regular practice of English in order to give the best of yourself during the test! The ideal solution is to live in an English-speaking country. So don't wait until you've taken your test to come to Australia and practice and improve your English on Australian soil to get the highest possible score on your exam.


    Enhance your English skills directly with your employers

    The TOEIC is only valid for two years, so it is worthwhile to make the most of these two years of certification. This is why taking the test in Australia allows you to show your English level directly to your potential employers. This is particularly useful if you want to work in the hospitality industry and be in contact with English-speaking clients. This certification can set you apart from other candidates, which will be very useful in your job search!

    Preparing your return to France

    The return to France is approaching and you want to prove that your level of English has definitely improved during your stay in Australia, take your certification before leaving! You will be able to prove your level to your future employers and add a brand new line to your CV. More than 15,000 companies now require conclusive results from the TOEIC test because of the precise indication it gives of your level of English.

    For students, it can even save you time once you return to France as some universities only issue their diploma to those who have a sufficient TOEIC score. So take advantage of your year in Australia to achieve this accomplishment which will make it easier for you to pursue your projects.


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