Do you consider yourself a doer rather than a thinker? Do you have a great business idea but a lack of knowledge on how to develop it. Or perhaps you just want to gain skills to step it up in a work environment? Do you wake up inspired and want to be challenged and find your path?

If you are reading this and screaming “YES!”, then this school is perfect for you! Is your visa expiring soon and you are thinking to extend your stay in Australia with a student visa? Why not studying to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and skills to face professional and personal challenges. This innovative school in Melbourne is offering unique courses. Learn from real entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors in a practical approach to training. If you don’t feel like going back to traditional theory classroom Insight Academy is made for you. You will learn creativity, adaptability and a broad range of business skills such as Digital marketing, business and leading innovation or design thinking.

Top 5 reasons why students are choosing Insight Academy

1 - Practical innovative training: 75% practical and only 25% theory with a project based learning approach.

2 – Coaching and guest speakers: no teachers at Insight but business coaches, experts in their fields. On top of that, masterclasses and bootcamps bring industry experts from leading companies to share their journey and train extra skills.

3- Networking events and employability trainings for growing professional connections and increasing the employment opportunities.

4- Personal development, self-awareness and mindfulness are reinforce in class through meditation, icebreaker activities or resilience, adaptability and confidence training. This include as well.

5- Collaborative environment: all the students in Insight come from quite different backgrounds, their collaborative model involves co-working and co-learning, creating dynamic and focus on teamwork. If you want to stay in Australia and learn something that will benefit your career, Insight Academy is offering promotional price at the moment.

Promotional prices = From $4,400

Full content of the courses:
- iSkills (certificate IV) 40 weeks - iStart (Diploma) 52 weeks - iGrow (Advanced Diploma) 52 weeks Contact our team for more info or +61 0423 678 995

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