Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced today during a conference, National Cabinet has agreed to a plan in 3 steps to remove restrictions due to COVID-19 by July 2020.

The goal for Australia is to completely remove all the restrictions by July going through 3 different steps:

Step 1 - Gathering of 5 visitors at home allowed and 10 in business and public places. - Keep working from home if it works for your employer - Small restaurants, cafes and shops reopen - Librairies, playgrounds, pools, golf courses, boot camp reopen - Local and regional travel

Step 2: - Gatherings of 20 people in your home, business and public places - Keep working from home if it works for you and your employer - Gyms, beauty, cinemas, galleries, amusement parks reopen - Caravan and camping grounds - Some interstate travels will be allowed

Step 3: - Gatherings up to 100 people - Most workers back in the workplace - Nightclubs, food courts, saunas reopen - All interstate travels allowed - Tasmania, Pacific Island and International students travels

However, Scott Morrison said, each state and territories will decide the pace of change from one step to another.

Things to know: Students should be able to go back to school in step 1 PM can't see international travel happening any time soon By July, life should be back to normal in Australia if we all respect the safety measures.
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