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Vocational courses are job-focused studies offered by accredited Australian education providers in many career fields. With a strong focus on practical skills, they are the perfect choice if you're looking to enter a specific professional sector.

Some of the courses are the first step on your route to permanent residency! We have developed a strong network with public and private institutions across the country to help you find the most suitable training to your project.

In a vocational course, you will do more than just sitting in a classroom! The methodology of teaching focuses on on-site learning, which means you are in a real-world industry experience.

The most popular courses are:
















Which qualification do I need?

You need to successfully complete the 1st year of high school or at least obtain a certificate of studies (professional training in your home country). Some institutions will also ask you to take an English test to assess your current level and your ability to take the program.

Additionally, many English schools offer gateway access programs with some VET institutions which means you can package an English course with a Vocational course within the same Student visa!

Schedule and flexibility

The timetables allow you to work and study, whilst allowing time for leisure activities. Often, you can choose classes in the morning, afternoon, evening or at the weekend. Schedules depend on the program as well as the institution selected.

Duration and cost

The VET qualifications are organised by four levels of certificates (I, II, III and IV) as well as Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas programs.

The fees in Australia depend on location, institution and program, approximately between AUD1500 and AUD3500 per quarter.

Given the large number of institutions, it is easy to find one corresponding to your budget and objective. Study Destination always offers the best prices and deals across the country. Feel free to talk to one of our consultants to ask for more information!

Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Programs

Participating in a TAFE program in Australia is an investment for higher quality education. TAFE schools are government run-system that focus on skills learning for a specific workplace. Their prices are higher than private institutions such as VET. They are recognised for their quality of teaching and campus facilities. Their fees can be between AUD4500 and AUD6500 per quarter.

Attendance is usually 3 to 4 days a week. The majority of TAFE programs offer internships in the workplace to help you develop your skills in the professional environment.

Our offers, your project

Have a look at some of the most popular and requested programs available across the country.

Become a Graphic Designer

From 1 up to 2 years


From A$575/month


Intake every 1 or 2 months

Study Project Management

From 1 up to 3 years


From A$460/month


Intake every month

Become a personal trainer

9 months up to 2 years


From A$1,790/trimester


4 intakes per year

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