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Personalised consultation

Because each experience is unique, we always give you relevant and personalised advice regarding your stay in Australia.

Large choice of schools

We partner with public and private institutions across the country and will find the most suitable to fit your project and budget.

Visa application

We assist you through all the phases of your visa application with commitment, competence and professionalism.

Health cover

It is compulsory to have health insurance in Australia while you’re on a student visa. We work with all OSHC providers.


Come and socialise with people from the same or different nationalities at our events every month!

Migration services

We have a MARA registered migration agent in-house that can assist you for a further stay after your studies.

We’re expert in student visas

Our team of consultants are experts in their field and will help you to arrange your studies in Australia in the best conditions.

In order to obtain a valid student visa, you will have to go through the following 4 steps:


Course enrolment

First things first, you have to select the school and the course you’d like to study. Be sure to know about tuition fees, duration, units and documents required.

Letter of Offer

After a successful application, the school will send you an offer letter, you will then review it carefully, sign and return it.


The key official document! The Confirmation of Enrolment is needed for your visa application and is sent once you have paid the deposit for your studies and signed the Letter of Offer.

Visa application

The final and most important step. Online applications are made on the Immiaccount system and will be reviewed by a case officer who will process your case.

Explore more visa options

The Australian immigration process is complicated and therefore getting the right advice from the beginning is crucial for your future plans. There are more than 100 different types of Australian visas - which one is best for you, will depend on your circumstances.

At Study Destination we have a MARA (Migration Agents Registered Authority) experienced immigration officer onsite who knows the immigration process. Consultations are available by appointment, whether you are in Australia or overseas. Fees apply for Migration Services.

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