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Why Study in Australia?

You will live a dream! According to the UN, Australia is the second place to offer the best quality of life in terms of education, public health, safety, and even happiness rates.

You will learn a lot. Not only because of the high standards of Australia's education system, but also because you will immerse yourself in a new country and a new culture!

New opportunities. Australia offers very good opportunities, especialy for young people who have a good educational background and speak English. Come get them!

You will get paid. In Australia salaries are high. You can pay for basic expenses: food, accomodation, phone bills ... and even save money to travel!

You can work. With the student visa that we will help you apply for, you can work part-time while you study, and full-time during your holidays. A perfect mix!

You will always remember it. You will not only learn and improve your professional skills, but you will also live a unique and unforgettable adventure. Impressive beaches, surf, younf people, amazing weather, and about all, 'good vibes'.


What is the cheapest course in Australia?

General courses such as Business, Marketing & Communication, Leadership & Management and Project Management are the cheapest courses. There are 6 month courses from $2700 and 12 month courses from $4500.

Where is the cheapest place to study in Australia?

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay all have the same low prices for these courses.

What is the cheapest city to live in Australia?

Statistically speaking it is Hobart, however most regional areas across Australia have a cheaper cost of living. Such as Geelong, regional NSW or Adelaide.