What are the Cheapest courses for international students in Australia?

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You want to stay longer in Australia and study a course eligible for a student visa but have a limited budget? You might feel overwhelmed by all the information available on internet, we are here to give you some help. We have gathered all the cheapest courses available in Australia for International students. You will find these courses pretty much everywhere: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth but also Byron Bay, Gold Coast or Noosa.

The business/ management type of courses are the cheapest courses for international students.

The business/ management type of courses are the most popular amongst international students most of the time on the bank balance and social life! These courses are usually the cheapest courses for international students in Australia. Prices starts from as low as $3900 for a 12 month course and many are currently being delivered online because of Covid-19.

Choosing a business / management course can look a bit confusing at first – but it’s really not! Most schools all over the country offer Business, Leadership and Management, Project Management and Marketing and Communication courses. Those courses will have the most general skills to use in a lot of different industries and still give you plenty of time to work on the side, considering international students can now work full time in critical sectors.

cheapest courses for international students in Australia

Cheapest courses in Australia: Business

Business is a popular course because it provides a lot of transferable skills that you can use in the future. It covers units within marketing and communication, project management and leadership (details of the units on the clickable links of each course). The prices of the schools reflect the quality, or the learning provided. It is great for anyone who wants to up-skill, start their own business or show future employers that they know and understand everything in a fast-paced business world. Its goes from the Certificate III, to Certificate IV, then Diploma and Advanced diploma. Some schools also offers a Certificate IV in entrepreneurship and new business.

Cheapest courses in Australia: Marketing 

Marketing and communication is very popular and a great course to do, you would have to start from the Certificate IV, and then if you want to, you can progress to the Diploma and Advanced Diploma. You can even progress into a Diploma in Social Media Marketing too afterwards. This is great if you want to learn how to promote a business, create a marketing plan and strategy.

Cheap courses in Australia: Leadership and Management

Upon completion of a Leadership and Management qualification, you will have the ability to manage demanding targets, resolve conflicts and lead teams effectively. All of these qualities will ensure you are an attractive resource to companies facing organisational issues. Leadership courses impart transferable skills that help you excel in any field or career. There are 3 levels, some schools will offers the certificate IV in leadership & management, but most schools will starts from the Diploma followed by the Advanced diploma.

Cheap courses in Australia: Project Management

Project management course is fast becoming one of the most desired qualifications for employers to look out for when hiring as the skills and knowledge transfer cross many industries and roles. This is especially highly in demand skill in construction, engineering, tech startup etc. Same as above a few schools are offering the lower level: Certificate IV in project management practice, but most of them will offer only the Diploma of project management followed by the Advanced diploma of program management.

If none of these subjects interest you – there are many more courses on offer available for international students. Courses which are specific to a trade, skill or industry are usually slightly more expensive due to the nature of the topic. You get in touch with a friendly Study Destination Consultant we can look into all your options and find the best outcome to match your budget and goals!

If you want to discuss the different options for cheap courses available for international students in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Noosa, Byron Bay or the Gold Coast, please contact our team.

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