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Professionals and listening, we have a real interest in your project.

With a large network in public and private institutions across the country, our team of international consultants will provide you with high quality service tailored to your plan to settle in Australia.


Our team of qualified consultants accompanies you step by step in your approach with skills and efficiency.


We are passionate because we care and because we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why our mission is to give you the best advice.


Honesty is the best policy and we have developed a 100% transparent process in order to share with you the information in our hands, always.


Our service has always been free and always will be. Under Australian regulations, education agencies are funded by the schools.

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We love our job and we do it with passion!

If you are thinking about applying for a visa to work, study or live in Australia, you probably
have a lot of questions. Get in touch with us today to find out your options.

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    Study Destination is an education agency which offers free assistance for you to Live, Study & Work in Australia. Every year we help hundreds of people, just like you, who chose to pack their bags and start living the Australian dream, down under. Contact us today and ask one of our team members anything regarding your journey in Australia.