Whether you are a freelance writer, graphic designer, video maker, or marketing expert, there is an Australian freelancing platform, app or website to highlight your talent and work in Australia. We have listed our favourite best freelance websites in Australia, depending on your needs. 

1 – Fiverr: great site for beginner freelancers who want to work in Australia

Amazingly easy to navigate, Fiverr is an Australian Freelance platform and a great website for beginners. As one of the top platforms in Australia, it offers more than 250 categories of professional services, from graphic design, translation, web development to writing. It also allows you to package your services rather than getting billed by the hour. 

2 – Freelancer: a general website for freelancers looking for work in Australia

One of the biggest freelance websites to work in Australia, with 17 726 739 clients and freelancers. The website offers over 1350 job categories, such as software development, writing and data entry. One of the advantages of the website is that you can apply to small and large jobs that you choose, with a fixed price or hourly paid. Perfect for finding your ideal job working from home. You can also chat in real-time with recruiters, sometimes from high profile business such as Boeing, Intel and Microsoft

3 – Upwork: great freelancing website for jobs on specialised projects 

With over 5 million clients, 12 million users and 3 million jobs per year, Upwork is one of the world biggest freelance marketplace. You can apply for any job you’re interested in from some of the biggest companies such as GE, Airbnb and Microsoft. An online chat and video call system is also available. Again, a large selection of roles to work in Australia is available, from marketing experts, designers to accountants. The multiple billing methods make it quite flexible as well with the possibility to use credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer. Only downside: a service fee that ranges from 5% to 20% applies to use the marketplace. All in all, Upwork would be Australia freelance website advised for elaborate and specialized projects.  

4 – Guru: a general platform to find work in Australia 

One of the best platforms for beginners, namely because it makes it is easy to get paid on Guru. The website uses Safepay to secure payments. Moreover, Guru has a network of 1.5 million people willing to work in Australia on technical, creative or business projects. However, any user will have to pay service and membership fees. 

5 – Aquent: matches you with the best hirer for you

Have you ever struggled to find a work in Australia that suited you in the past? Aquent might end the long search. An Australian freelance website specialised in marketing and creative jobs, the strength of this platform lies in its ability to match talented people with those looking to hire them. Indeed, Aquent’s book find deeper insights to find better matches for jobs, considering various factors such as location, availability and rates. 

Are you a freelancer in Australia? Why wait to get your next clients and start generating income? Promote your own business with the freelancing websites listed above.
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