Some of you might already know the news. On January 5th this year, the Department of Home Affairs has announced a temporary relaxation of working hours for Australian student visa holders. Australian student visa holders can now work full time in specific industries.

Australian student visa

The measure allows Australian student visa holders to work full time in specific industries

If you are in a challenging financial situation, this might be of interest. Willing to support Australian farms struggling to find workers during COVID-19, the Department of Home Affairs now allows Australian student visa holders to work more than 40 hours a fortnight if they are :
– employed by an aged care Approved Provider or Commonwealth-funded aged care service provider with a RACS ID or a NAPS ID, before 8 September 20​20
– employed by a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider
– enrolled in a health care related course and are supporting the health effort against COVID-19, as directed by health officials
– employed in the agriculture sector.

Australian student visa holders do not need to apply for this temporary measure, but should contact their employer if interested.

“This builds on changes earlier this year for international students working in the health and aged care sector, and demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting Australian farmers and visa holders wishing to take on more work while they live and study here,” said Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management David Littleproud.

Australian student visa

Mixed reactions amongst Australian student visa holders

This changes have however received mixed reactions amongst Australian student visa holders. If some of them consider it a relief, others complain about the fact that the industries they can work full time for are very limited. For Sebastian, a Spanish student in Melbourne, the temporary measure will be beneficial despite the limitations “I’m on a school break and I need money, so I decided to seize the opportunity to work in a farm. This will give me extra time for my studies once the course starts again.”.

The government is reviewing this measure regularly and said employers will be advised when the measure no longer apply.

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