If you’re already familiar with the requirements for your visa’s first year requirements, then you’ll probably be familiar with what you’ll need to do to extend your second, or even third year. If you’re not too familiar, then read our other article here.

What does it mean to extend your visa for a third time?

To extend your first 417 or 462 visa for a second time, you’ll need to make sure that you do 88 days, or three (3) months of rural farm – or hospitality work, either with the same employer, or with different employers so long as you make the minimum duration of work. If you’re aiming to extend your visa for a third year, you’ll need to make sure you complete six (6) months of what is called ‘specific’ work during your second year to qualify. 

To apply for the third-year visa, you’ll need to make sure all your paperwork is up to date, and that you can provide proof that you’ve completed your six (6) months of specific work in a rural area - so make sure you ask for all payslips, paperwork and keep up to date with your employer information. 

What is specific work for the third-year visa?

This refers to any work that’s completed in an industry, and location that’s been chosen and approved by the Australian Department of Home Affairs – which you can view our article that outlines in more detail, what is included in specific work, but some areas of specific work in Australia include:

  • Plant and animal cultivation (this means harvesting, picking, packing, maintaining animals and plants) 
  • fishing and pearling (working with the operations to harvest, pick, pack and maintaining)
  • tree farming and removal (planting, looking after, transporting trees)
  • mining (oil, coal, gas, metal mining, supporting the employer with on-site work, or admin work)
  • construction (construction for homes, commercial properties, site preparation, supporting the employer with on-site work, or admin work) 

How to apply for the third-year visa?

If you’ve already applied for your first-year visa, then applying for your second and third year is exactly the same process online from the Australian Department of Home Affairs website. You’ll be expected to provide all your paperwork and pay a one-time fee of $510.00AUD to get it processed. Based on the most recent report for working holiday visa applications, your application can take up anywhere from 12 days to up to 90 days to be processed and approved. 

Why apply for the second and/or third-year visa extension?

As this working holiday visa program is only eligible for people until the age of 31 (or 35 for specific countries), this is the best way to experience another country while getting paid, and possibly having your accommodation, meals and transportation provided for you. 

The earlier that you apply for your visa extension, the better chance you’ll receive to find good employment in rural areas with jobs that you’ll enjoy. You’ll be able to explore the best of what Australia’s landscape has to offer, which many people will not get to experience!

While you must manage your finances with the visa application, and waiting times in between, if you plan properly and know what you want to achieve in Australia and what kind of work you want to do, then this is the easiest way to benefit from a “work and play” experience.

If you are no longer eligible to extend your working holiday visa because you don't match the criteria either you are too old (sorry) or either you didn't do your specific work, you still have options to stay longer in Australia!

Feel free to reach out to one of our team members, we are here to help you find the best solution!


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