Australia is a dream destination for many international students, offering top-notch education, a vibrant lifestyle, and stunning landscapes. However, recent changes in the migration system aim to tackle an issue known as 'visa hopping.' In this blog, we'll explore what visa hopping is, why the Australian government is taking action, and what these changes mean for current and future international students.

What is 'Visa Hopping'?

Visa hopping refers to the practice of temporary visa holders, such as students, continuously extending their stay in Australia by switching between different visas. This loophole has allowed some individuals to remain in the country indefinitely, bypassing the intended temporary nature of their visas.

Why is the Government Ending Visa Hopping?

The Australian government has identified visa hopping as a significant issue impacting the integrity of the migration system. Here are some key reasons behind the crackdown:

  • Population Management: Renowned demographer Peter McDonald highlighted that curtailing visa hopping could better manage population growth compared to reducing the permanent migration intake.
  • System Integrity: By tightening visa regulations, the government aims to ensure that temporary visas serve their intended purpose and do not become a backdoor to indefinite stays.
  • Education Quality: Restricting visa hopping helps maintain the quality of the international student system by ensuring that students are genuinely progressing in their studies.

Recent Changes and Their Impact

The Australian government has already taken several steps to address visa hopping, and more changes are set to take effect from 1 July. Let's dive into these measures and their implications.

No Further Stay Conditions

The government has implemented 'no further stay' conditions on visitor visas. This means that individuals on visitor visas cannot apply for other visas while in Australia, effectively closing a loophole that some were using to extend their stay in Australia indefinitely.

Genuine Student Requirement

In March, the government introduced the Genuine Student requirement. This policy prevents students from obtaining successive student visas unless they can demonstrate credible course progression. This measure ensures that students are genuinely pursuing their educational goals rather than using student visas as a means to stay in Australia.

Ending Unrestricted Work Rights

Another significant change was the end of unrestricted work rights for student visa holders. This policy shift ensures that students prioritise their studies and maintain the primary purpose of their visa. Currently Student Visa holders are able to work 48hs per fortnight.

COVID Visa and Other Policies

The government has also ended the former COVID visa and implemented more than a dozen other policies aimed at restoring integrity to the international student system.

New Measures Effective from 1st July 2024

On 1 July, the Albanese Government will introduce additional measures to further restrict visa hopping:

Visitor Visa Restrictions

Visitor visa holders will no longer be able to apply for student visas onshore. This change addresses the growing trend of individuals using visitor visas as a pathway to student visas. From 1 July 2023 to the end of May 2024, over 36,000 visitor visa holders applied for student visas. 

What Do These Changes Mean for International Students?

If you are an international student or plan to study in Australia, these changes can seem discouraging. However, understanding the new regulations and planning accordingly can help you navigate your plans successfully.

Plan Your Visa Pathway

Ensure that you understand the requirements and limitations of the visa you are applying for. If you intend to switch from a visitor visa to a student visa, it is now crucial to apply from your home country (or not in Australia).

Demonstrate Genuine Intent

With the Genuine Student requirement in place, it's essential to demonstrate your genuine intent to study and progress academically. Make sure your course choices align with your long-term educational and career goals.

Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with the latest migration policies and changes. Staying informed will help you make the right decisions and avoid potential pitfalls in the visa application process.

Why Choose Study Destination for Your Visa Application?

Navigating the Australian visa system can be complex, especially with the recent changes. This is where expert guidance from Study Destination can make all the difference. Here’s why you should consider working with us:

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The recent changes in the Australian migration system aim to close the loopholes that allowed visa hopping, ensuring that temporary visas serve their intended purpose. While these changes may seem challenging, planning ahead and seeking expert guidance can help you achieve your career and life goals successfully. At Study Destination, we’re committed to helping you achieve your dream of studying in Australia. Contact us today and let us guide you through the process with ease and confidence! 🌟🦘

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