Travelling has almost felt like a non-existent word in the English dictionary for the past year. Life in Australia as we used to know it, a dream, a fantasy. With the pandemic hitting the country, all the freedom we usually associate with the idea of Australia, road trips and nature has been locked in a part of our mind. Many of us crossed the borders of the bathroom to the bedroom for months, peregrinating in the country that was our flat. We were then able to go on holidays within the state we lived in and progressively, for the most audacious of us, to another state. Life in Australia was almost back to normal, “freedom” as we used to know it appeared to be back in the game. 

But for how long? Soon enough, some unlucky Victorians traveling to Western Australia around New Year’s Eve were told to go into quarantine or to come back to the state after a few Covid cases had been discovered in Victoria. The 2 or 3 days of euphoria while hitting the road suddenly resembled the trailer of a promising movie they wouldn’t be able to see at the cinema. Meanwhile, Victorians on an adventure in New South Wales had a similar experience. But today, I’m not here to make you feel down. Today, I’m here because I’ve got good news that I want to share with you. News that will hopefully enhance your life in Australia. For the first time in 12 months, Australian interstate borders are fully opened!

Life in Australia now: one mouthful of freedom to savor

Two days ago, Western Australia officially eased restrictions with Victoria overnight which means that the entire country is enjoying free travel across interstate borders without having to undergo quarantine. This is the first time since border restrictions were introduced last April that Western Australia doesn’t have restriction requirements for any state or territory. All states are classified very low risk under Western Australia’s controlled border system. You got it: life in Australia is getting a bit closer to what it used to be. This is the time to hit the road again and discover the treasures the island has to offer!

However, note that it is still unclear how long the interstate borders will stay open. In Queensland, a doctor at a Brisbane hospital has been tested positive, and the number of new cases climbed to 6 in the last 24 hours. In New South Wales, a worker in a quarantined hotel has become infected. Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan also warned on Sunday that his Government will continue to be guided by medical advice. “What you’ve seen with the Commonwealth Government is when necessary, they’ve shut the border to New Zealand,” Mr. McGowan said. “The borders work … they’ve kept Australia safe and they’ve kept Western Australia even safer. So if we need to, we’d do it again.”

Times are uncertain and overwhelming. Yet, while most of our friends overseas are struggling with restrictions, Australia is now almost living normally. Traveling is back in the English dictionary and in our life in Australia. Let’s make the most out of it.

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