What are the options to study in Byron Bay? Some schools have also decided to settle there and have recently opened campus’ in Byron. The appeal for international students has grown and there are now more course options allowing you to live your student life in one of Australia’s best spot. How to describe Byron Bay? It’s the ultimate Australian experience: beautiful beaches, surfing, yoga, hippie vibe and vegetarian cafes. From a few days to a few weeks, it’s always been a MUST for any backpacker travelling on the Australian East Coast. With the pandemic and people running away from cities, Byron Bay has attracted a different crowd, who are more willing to settle and enjoy the laidback lifestyle on a long-term basis. What are the options to study in Byron Bay?
Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communication and the popular digital marketing course Diploma in Social Media. This course can help you get skills to either promote your own business or work in a company as a Marketing Specialist or Manager, which is a well sought-after job Australia (Occupations also on the short term skill list). From $4,950 for one year course
A great choice for a variety of reasons! Whether you are after a cheap and cheerful option, to up skill yourself with management skills and make your mark in the corporate world or even launch your own business. These courses are offered by different schools in Byron Bay. From $4,950 for one year course
Byron Bay is the Mecca of Yoga - what better place to study your yoga teacher program. Only one school is offering this program which is eligible for student visa. The course is 9 months long. You need to provide evidence of 200 hours of yoga practice from a certified teacher in order to access the program. So beginners not accepted unfortunately. If you are after Yoga courses as a beginner, schools in Gold Coast, Brisbane are offering the perfect course for you! $10,000 for 40 weeks course
Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability and Diploma of Sustainable Operations are a great option for individuals willing to learn how to monitor and address environnemental issues in a variety of industry sectors. From $4,470 to $9,870 (9 months to 15 months)
“Cook” and “Chef” are both on the Australian skill list. Medium term for the first one and long term for the second, allowing you to eventually get Permanent residency. Byron Bay is a great place to study and get experience with plenty of restaurants busy all year around. One school is offering the Certificate IV in Cookery. $9,420 to $11,760 from one year to 19 months course Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management are also an option to study in this school to get skills as a restaurant or bar manager. Cookery is a great pathway to PR, have a look at our blog article for more details
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