The Exotic

If you like adrenaline, adventure and partying: Cairns is for you! Best known as a gateway city

The Backpakers have made it more than a place to live, they have made it a must-see destination and there are many reasons for this: it is close to the coral reef, it is also a stone's throw from the Daintree Forest and offers a multitude of activities, all enhanced by nice little cafes, bars and restaurants! It's a holiday atmosphere rather than a city rush, people are cool and more relaxed than in the big cities! Lovers of diving, parachute jumping or rafting and hiking will be served! On the other hand, we warn you: if you want to survive, avoid swimming in anything ... we say it like that ;)

Atmosphere & Dynamics


With its humid & tropical climate, Cairns is the ultimate exotic city! With the chill and relaxed atmosphere that goes with it ;)

Winter: approx. 20 °C - summer approx. 27 °C 


Queensland (QLD)

Ideal time for your arrival

May - October

Things to do in Cairns

The Rain Forest

Cape Tribulations

Mosman Gorge

The coral reef

The swampy mangroves of the south

Trinity Wharf

The Esplanade

Mud Markets at The Pier

The Cairns Museum

Flecker Botanic Gardens

The Tully gorges

Cook Highway and Karunda (for bungee jumping and skydiving)

The Pier Square (bars & pubs)

Michaelmas Cay Island

Barron's Falls

Fitzroy Island

Events Not To Be Missed

Cairns Festival

Great Barrier Reef Masters Games

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

Cairns Cup Carnival

Cost of Living

Cairns, despite its smaller size, is a city of passage rather than of settlement. Mainly focused on tourism activity, notably with the coral reef and the Rain Forest, here is a short overview to give you an idea.


In a hostel: between $15 and $20 per night

For a roommate: count between $150 and $250 per room per week.

A studio: about $400 per week, outside the city centre.


Cairns is mainly served by a bus network called Sunbus.

Tickets cost about $3.40.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

Cinema: $20

Restaurant: at least $15 - $20

Drinks: $6 a pint.

Labour Market

Cairns is the mythical city of backpackers, but the reason why it attracts so many backpackers is not because of the work, but because of the tourist attractions it has to offer. If you are looking for a job in Cairns it may not be so easy! More of a spending destination than a saving one, we leave you to judge for yourself!

Your pluses: Good English and a rather commercial profile. If you have experience in tourism, you can get by and join the local agencies!

Areas of recruitment: Overall, the tourism, hotel and restaurant industry.

Why we love it:

The coral reef and the rainforest just around the corner

All activities offered (flying, skydiving, diving, snorkeling ...)

The party and holiday atmosphere of the city

Artificial lagoons that allow you to swim

Why we like it a little less:

The price of activities (always more)

Impossible to swim in the sea despite the heat ... unless you want to be near jellyfish and crocodiles!

The sometimes overly "debauched" side of the city invaded by backpackers!

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