Finding work is usually one of your first concerns, whether you have a Student Visa or a Working Holiday Permit.

You need to understand that each country is different in the work application and according to the type of work you are looking for.

It may seems a little confusing when you just arrived, we are not a recruitment agency, but we are here to help you in your research, and here is some information that can help you.

Type of contracts


The Australian minimum wage is AU $ 18.93, rate as of July 1, 2018 (about € 12.13).

However this compensation is valid for a job called “Stable / Permanent” which also gives you the right to paid leave, sick days etc.

The salary for a job “Casual” or seasonal, fixed-term contract is generally higher + 25% in addition to the minimum wage.

But as in any trade and country, the salary may be higher, depending on your experience, location, schedules, days (because you also have surcharges on weekends and holidays in Australia), not to mention the tips that can be quite consequent in catering in Australia.


In Australia there is an important element that must absolutely have to have the right to work, it is the TFN. No employer will agree to hire you without the TFN because it would be illegal. This is a number that allows you to be identified and also to pay your taxes at the end of the year.

However, you can work with an ABN (but you need your TFN to have your ABN) if you work as a freelancer, or you have your own small business and bill your customers. The tax system is nevertheless different between the two.

Depending on the area where you want to work, there are also certificates to pass, trainings, usually between half a day and one day, can sometimes be done online depending on the state in which you live. The price for these certificates is not excessive, often between $ 50-160 depending on the training.

The RSA, necessary to serve and sell alcohol, so it is mandatory if you want to work in restoration.

The White card, compulsory to work on construction sites. If the building is your domain, it is really important for you to pass it because no building site will accept you without the white card, security issue.

The Blue Card Traffic Control, a card that we do not think, because it allows to become a traffic officer on construction sites. But it is a job that pays very well, even if a little boring.

Barista training, it is not mandatory, but in a country where coffee is a culture, it can be a good asset. This will allow you to learn how to prepare coffee, milk, and latte art. Nevertheless, it is rarely required because you can learn under the mentoring a barista friend, or directly to your workplace.


Resume is also an important part of job search because the Australian resume is very different from the European one. So we decided to write an article to help you on the blog, and we are organizing Coaching events (FREE) to create your resume and to be prepared for your interviews, for that do not hesitate to take a look on our future events .