The best way to save money in Victoria for students and backpackers.

Victoria – home to one of the most livable cities in Australia, and the world. From the inner-city life of
Melbourne’s bustling laneways and streets to the gorgeous regional landscapes of Mornington. Whether
you’re interested in visiting to study or work across an Australian working visa, or wanting something
new in life with a working holiday visa, if there’s a will, there’s a way! This is your best way to save money in Victoria for backpackers.

Of course, being one of the most livable cities in Australia, Victoria itself is not the cheapest state to
venture out too, and it always helps to be prepared to know how much to budget across accommodation, dining and even experiences that can help make your backpacker experience here
So if you’re worried about not being able to catch that coastal morning wave, or want to make sure you
have enough in the bank for your next morning Melbourne coffee, as Aussies say, no worries – Let us
share some dining and experience secrets to make your next visit a great one with our best backpacker


Being one of Australia’s busiest cities, the pandemic affected
the economy in Melbourne, but as part of the recovery program that will continue to boost the city back
to it’s glimmering life pre-pandemic, the Victorian Government has put together a “Midweek Melbourne
Money” program that encourages dining in the city and getting up to 25% cashback for that meal. A
great way to spend and save, and one of our best backpacker tips for your next week!
The cashback program is only available for midweek dining between Monday – Thursday, and for meals
over $40.00AUD, to encourage more movement in the CBD location during the lull days of the week, but
it’s an easy tip to do! Just grab your mates, head to any venues that have the “Midweek Melbourne
Money” sign and dine in! Then make sure to keep the receipt for your records and head here to put in your claim for your 25% cashback.


While the first best backpacker tip was strictly for Melbourne settlers, this tip is for those who want to
explore around Victoria without missing out on all the fun across the year. The Victorian Dining and
Entertainment Program is an extension of the Midweek Melbourne Money program, that offers the
same 25% cashback offer for any dining or entertainment experiences across Victoria – but not in
Melbourne – for $40.00 and over. This not only allows you to travel to more regional areas in Victoria
like Ballarat or even Healesville but allows businesses that get most of their economic growth from
tourism, the chance to recover too.
Once you get your printed or digital invoice from your meal or experience, head here.

How to save money in Victoria


If you’re more about the outdoors and nature-based experiences for your next backpacker trip to
Victoria, then we have you covered with this last best backpacker’s tip with the Victorian Travel Voucher
Scheme. A program that aims to boost regional tourism experiences and accommodation around
Victoria, those who are successful with the application will be able to get cashback of up to $200.00AUD
on expenses for accommodation, attractions, and experiences outside of Melbourne that add up to
$400.00AUD. You can soar up in a hot air balloon above the Yarra Valley, or go to the hot springs in
Daylesford, if you’re able to go during the set times provided by the program, you could get your money
back for your experience! You’ll have to be quick, as these vouchers come and go based on the
Government’s ability to release them, so make sure you keep your eyes out here to learn
more about how you can claim this cashback offer.

You’ll need to make sure you have an Australian bank account open and that the program is open – as
all these programs opens and closes during the year based on the funds available, so a best backpacker’s
tip from us is that once your working holiday or study visa gets approved, that you also apply for your
local bank account. This way, you can also get your cashback quicker without delay.

*Please note that all these programs are run on a first come first serve basis, so it’s not always expected that your claim for cashback will be approved or successful.
*Please also note that these programs open and close during the year, so while this article provides tips, we do not control when they start or end. Please learn more about how these programs work via the links in the article.

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