International students in Australia, what is the current situation like

With the Australian Government announcing safety measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is understandable many student visa holders in Australia have some concerns about their visa and their classes. The announcement or advice doesn’t currently include education providers. Schools can remain open and run their classes as usual, although some have chosen to take health and safety precautions, by running their classes online.  

We help you answer your questions

  • Are schools closing down?

Some schools are voluntarily taking precautions to limit social interaction by moving their classes to online for the next few weeks. Some have extended / moved the holidays but none have closed and no courses have been cancelled.

  • If the school closes can I work more than 20 hours?

Except for specific areas like international students currently employed at the major supermarkets will be able to extend their working hours to help meet the high demand for essential items because of the coronavirus.

  • If the school closes will I lose my student visa?

Students won’t have their student visas canceled because of school closures, this situation never happened in the past, If the government closes all educational providers in an effort to restrict group gatherings, there will have to be a flexible approach to those international students.

  • Do I have to go to school?

You still have to go to school, the government has not to closed down schools, some of them are doing online classes for safety measures some of them are not. Contact your school for further information. If you are sick or suffer from a chronic disease and don’t feel safe going to school, you will have to provide a medical certificate if you don’t want to be marked as absent.

  • What happened if I loose my job and I can’t pay my fees?

Contact the student department of your school for more information. Some schools might offer specific payment plan due to COVID-19.

  • My student visa is expiring soon can I extend it?

You are still able to apply for visa as long as your current visa doesn’t have the “No Further Stay” condition.

  • Can I still apply for a student visa?

Visa’s are still being granted, student visas are still being processed as normal.

  • If I’m sick or I suffer from a chronic disease do I still have to go to class?

If you have any cold or flu symptoms contact your school and provide a medical certificate. If you suffer from a chronic disease like Asthma and your school is still running on campus classes but you don’t feel safe going, you can also provide a medical certificate to study from home.


    Beginning Monday, 23 March, students on all 4 campuses will be given the choice to attend face to face classes or do their course online.

    From today Thursday 19th of march all English classes will be online. For VET students holidays end on 30th of march and they will be followed by online classes
    Contact: or (03) 9639 0543
    For now, it is important to note that your classes, assessments and course activity are continuing as normal.

    For now, classes, assessments and course activity are continuing as normal.

    Contact 13000 69 642 (MYOIC) or email at
    Classes, workshops, and events cancelation from March 16th until April 5th. Insight Academy’s campus is closed at the moment for holidays.
  • VIT
    The campus is closed for 2 weeks starting on Thursday 19th of march, all the students will be studying from home with online classes.
    Contact Student support
  • ALG
    All classes and scheduled activities will proceed as planned for Term 1 2020. The decision has been taken to temporarily close the student massage clinics, effective immediately until further notice, but at least until 20th April.

    Contact : +612 9112 4500 or email:
    Please contact the office if further information or clarification is required at   
    In school classes are suspended and all classes will be temporally ran online for a 4-week period beginning March 23, 2020.
  • APC (Australian Pacific College)
    All campuses are closed since Wednesday 18 March 2020. All the classes are now ran online through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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