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Working in Australia is also part of a whole new experience. The way of working, searching for a job and even negotiating the terms of your employment may vary from your home country.
Here at Study Destination, we help you from the moment you arrive.

We organise monthly Resume workshops, Welcome Sessions, Hospitality trainings and more. All to help you get started in the best possible way.

✓ For a stable/permanent job, the Australian minimum wage is A$19.49 per hour (as of 1st of July 2019).

✓ For a casual, seasonal or fixed-term job, the hourly rate is higher: +25% compared to the minimum wage.

✓ The salary varies with your previous professional experiences, qualification, the location of your job, your schedule, etc.

✓ Some jobs/industries will offer different rates of pay due to “penalty rates”. This applies to late nights, public holidays and week-ends.

✓ TFN (Tax File Number) identifies you and gives you the right to work and pay your taxes.

✓ ABN (Australian Business Number) gives you the right to work as a freelance contractor or entrepreneur.

✓ Certificates and qualifications may be requested depending on the industry. The price varies between A$50-160 (RSA for hospitality jobs, White Card for construction jobs, Blue Card for Traffic Control, Barista training, etc.)

✓ An Australian resume may be structured differently to what you know in your home country.

✓ For more information, we organise free monthly events at our office to help you write your resume, be prepared for job interviews, tips to find a job, etc.

✓ You can also contact us via our website or Facebook to ask for more advice.

Steps to employment


Before your arrival

Ensure your visa entitles you to work in Australia, whether part time or full time. If in doubt, read the conditions of your visa.

First days in Australia

Open a bank account, get a local phone number, apply for your TFN and your ABN if you’re working as a free-lance contractor.

Documents needed to work

Depending on the industry you wish to work in, you’ll need a few things to get started. These may include previous qualifications or industry trainings such as RSA, White Card, Blue Card etc.).

Start the job search

There are many options to help you find a job. For example, recruitment agencies, community pages or networking events. For more information, for our next event, click below.

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