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Planning to come to Australia? Study Destination is here to assist you in preparing your journey down under.
Get to know more about the visas available, the cities, accommodation, employment and lifestyle.

First things first: your visa

No Visa, no Australia! In order to be lawful upon your arrival, you will need to apply on the immigration website for your visa. Our team makes sure you provide all the necessary documents below requested by the government.

This is only a general list; documents may vary from case to case.


Whether this is proof of
studies or employment,
you’ll need to provide


Case dependant, you may
be required to sit a health


Adequate insurance for the duration of your stay according to your visa.


Case dependant, you may be
required to provide English


A declaration that you or a sponsor
have sufficient funds to support
yourself during your stay

Academic record and
employment history

A detailed timeline or your professional and educational activity might be required.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

You need to be covered by an authorized insurance provider in order to apply for a student visa.

OSHC assists international students to meet the costs of medical operations such as:

Out of hospital
medical services

In hospital medical



Surgically implanted

What about the accommodation?

Finding the right accommodation is always a challenge and we are here to give you key housing information according to your preference.
The 4 most common options for you are:


When you have freshly arrived and need time to settle down. You will meet travellers and people like you from all over the world ($150AUD-$300AUD/week).


A Backpackers Hostel is a great way to meet new friends, and share experiences. “( $95AUD-$215AUD/week).

Home stay

The immersive experience with an Australian family. It’s a good starting point before moving into a shared house ($235AUD-$325AUD/week)!

On-campus room

Some schools arrange accommodation for their students. You have the choice between single or a shared room. Excellent option to socialise ($110AUD-$280AUD/week).

…and money?

Knowing how much you will spend monthly to live in Australia is an important step before arriving here. The approximate costs below will help you define your budget.

Groceries and eating out – $140AUD to $280AUD per week

  Gas, electricity – $10AUD to $20AUD per week

  Phone and Internet – $15AUD to $30AUD per week

  Public transport – $30AUD to $60AUD per week

  Car (after purchase) – $150AUD to $260AUD per week

  Entertainment – $80AUD to $150AUD per week 

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